The Best of DJ Harmack Classics Collection

DJ Harmack’s Block Party started off as a show that followed the Escape on Uberguilds Radio in 2007.
A relationship between The Escape Show and DJ Harmack was instantly developed, especially during the war with a rival show he was on, Orderly Chaos that developed.  Harmack went on to eventually fill in and officially join the show in later years, and has had some absolute classic moments on the show over the years.

Before we went to Twitch, we clipped some Harmack’s best moments into separate audio segments, which make up his Classics Collection.  We have searched high and low through the Escape Show Archives to find some of these clips, and now bring them to you into one complete Harmack Playlist.  Enjoy!


  •     Harmacks Laugh Becomes a Staple of the Show (Episode 15)
  •     Harmack VS Jak In a Live Debate (Episode 17)
  •     Harmack VS Jak In a Live Debate 2 (Episode 117)
  •     The Harmackapedia is Born (Episode 27)
  •     The Harmackathon (Episode 29)
  •     A Interview with Buck The Deer (Episode 43)
  •     An Interview with Harmack's Sister, Britters (Episode 58)
  •     UG Calls a Stripper for Harmack | Party With Patters (Previously Only Heard on GPN Radio After Episode 58)
  •     The DJ Harmack "Male Breast Cancer Awareness Telethon" (Friday Night Rock Block)
  •     Harmack Gets Cheated On... On St Patters Day (Episode 112)
  •     Dear Escape - From A "Middle Aged, Extra Large Screwed Over Co Host" (Episode 113)
  •     Harmack Lies About Missing The Show... For a Hockey Game (Episode 124)
  •     Harmack, The Cheater (Harmack VS Mike in a TV Show Theme Contest) (Episode 126)
  •     Confessions of a Drunken Harmack (Episode 138)
  •     A Funeral For Harmacks Balls (Harmacks Girlfriend Moves In) (Episode 145)
  •     Harmacks Battle With "Shoppers Impulse Disease" (Episode 184-2)
  •     Harmack Is... Getting Married?! (Episode 237)
  •     Harmack Has... Never Seen a Christmas Story?! (Episode 238)
  •     Harmack's "Week Off" (Harmack Gets Married?!) (Episode 255)
  •     Harmack Rants About a Fat Guy On YouTube (Episode 302)
  •     The "Ice Water Bucket Challenge" (Episode 325)
  •     Drunk Geography With Harmack (2013)
  •     Harmackmas (Episode 354)
  •     Trough Talk with Harmack and Skates #1
  •     Trough Talk with Harmack and Skates #2

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