After intense discussions and theories with listener Tas about a “Double Rainbow” on Facebook, it quickly escalated into a political conspiracy!  After Tas alluded to the fact the Double Rainbow may have been stolen, Harmack immediately responded that its a part of corporate media, so the companies can make their MULAH.
Spelled the correct way, “MOOLAH” means money, and one might think that Harmack actually was mistaken and meant this actual definition.  After some investigative journalism, that is not the case.  According to Google, Mulah is actually an Island.  One must question if Harmack was talking about a corporate island, or if he actually meant the Fabulous Moolah, or… the Official Mulah Music Video… or Mulah Davinci… or Mulah Chilian, or even #Mulah on Twitter.

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Added to the Harmackapedia on: September 27th, 2019
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