Game & Chat – Wonderboy in Monster Land (Sega Master System)

After having a incredibly frustrating experience with the original Wonderboy on the last episode of G&C, Al and Harmack decide to see if the sequel fares any better! To our surprise… it’s pretty much a different game! Mixed in with light platform elements, is an Action RPG! Join Al and Harmack as they play this game for the first time and give their initial thoughts and experiences as our “Games We’ve Never Played” edition continues.

+ Great looking and colorful 8 bit game, especially for the time
+ Fixed loose/slippery control issues plagued from the original game
+ RPG elements are a nice, welcome edition!
+ Music is awesome for 8 bit

– No continues?!
– Cryptic upgrade elements (needing shoes, not sure which power ups to grab first time)
– Controls seem way to stiff. Can’t run?!

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