Escape Show Let’s Play – Organ Trail

April 19, 2017 Al 0

We loved Oregon Trail when we were in elementary school, so seeing as this is a “spiritual successor” of sorts, will we love this “Zombie Apocalyptical” version?

ESCAPESHOW Let’s Play! – Resident Evil 7 Demo

October 30, 2016 Al 0

Survival Horror Month continues and Sahm is once again put in the hot seat! Today, we take on the newly released (and updated) Resident Evil 7 demo on the PS4. We even get a special appearance from Frosty and Dub 2!

Escape Show Let’s Play! – P.T.

October 24, 2016 Al 0

Survival Horror Month continues as Sahm finally gets to play through the (now two year old) P.T. demo! Dub 2 and Frosty both return to the studio to “relive” the nightmare. Will Sahm make it through start to finish?