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Episode 3 – Revenge of the Steve

November 7, 2007 Escape Show Admin 0

Steve takes his revenge on Justus for the Starcraft Massacre Al gets massacred for his “questionable” music requests Mike reads a story that has nothing to do with massacres. Also, we have some breaking news on a NEW MMO in development! Tune in and find out. Bring your helmets for this weeks RETRO REVIEW to find out what NES game […continued]

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Episode 2 – That’s A Mighty Big Staff Ya’ Got There

November 1, 2007 Escape Show Admin 0

Join Steve, Al and Mike for an entertaining good time as we head into our second Episode. Gain knowledge into the interworkings of DJing on a real radio show, Mikes nOOb experience on World of Warcraft (What’s this “World” coming to?) and other exciting topics that we felt like gabbing about. DON’T FORGET our Weekly Retro Gaming Review. This week […continued]

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Episode 1 – Hello World

October 24, 2007 Escape Show Admin 0

Join Al, Mike and Steve for the world premiere of The ESCape, a video gamer lifestyle podcast discussing MMOs, FPS games, consoles, and even sports. Tune in for this weeks entertaining podcast!