Episode 8 – The Best of the ESCape 2007 (Part 2)

The Best of The ESCape continues this week with part 2! -DJ’s Mike and Steve fly as a duo, as Al is out sick. They discuss movies, as well as the “movie star” that Steve modeled his life after. “Stay Puffed” For that one! – Relive the Episode that caused quite a bit of controversy, coincidentally the Episode that the guys ended the year with. Thats right, the guys are discussing the Top 50 Games of 2007. Also, The ESCape’s Game of the Year is selected. Was it Halo 3? Super Mario Galaxy? BioShock? Call of Duty 4? Siv 4?!? Or could they not decide and just pick the Top 3? And what game did the guys trash that even got the Uberguilds Radio Manager pissed off?
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