Episode 7 – The Best of the ESCape 2007 (Part 1)

The guys from The ESCape are on holiday break for the next two weeks. They’ve hired an intern named Jak to play the best moments from the ESCape’s Episodes 1-6. Plus theres a rumor that Jak himself will make an on air appearance to tell the fans Merry Christmas on Al, Mike and Steve’s behalf. Here’s what else to expect on the “Best Of” Episode: – Al, Mike, and Steve introduce themselves in the first official episode of the ESCape, discussing their favorite game genres, and a little bit of background on themselves. It’s not as boring as you think… or is it? – Realizing the fact that our DJ’s are “DJ Noobs”, Steve brings a book “DJ’ing For Dummies” to the show, and the guys discuss what they should improve on, including the conception of a “Main Topic”. Mike also unveils what really makes him mad the most – Civ 4. But why?? – The full length Retro Review of “3D World Runner” (The voted Retro Review of the Year 2007), is recapped, and you’ll hear why the guys think Katie Couric went from hot journalist to Ass of the Week. – Al gets caught up in the biggest scandal of his life – the “Spice Scandal”, no thanks to our good buddies over at The OC. After 2 weeks of ridicule and horrible karaoke, Mike and Steve decide to try to assist Al with help of Dr Phil.
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