Talkin Trains, more on Harmack sounding like a robot on the Block Party last week, cancelled TV shows, and a Retro Review duel!

On this weeks edition of The Escape Show:

– Our Talkin Trains segment “derails” this week as Mike gets involved in an incident leaving him stranded!
– Is Someone Sabotaging DJ Harmack’s Block Party?! A listener emails in and Harmack responds!
– Our thoughts on if Lebron James if going to leave our beloved Cleveland Cavs, and our overall thoughts on this years lackluster NBA Finals
– We discuss TV shows that will have been cancelled and not coming back for a 2018 season.
– Speaking of TV shows, Mike’s Top 10 List returns with the Top 10 Failed Spinoff TV Shows of All Time!
– A Retro Review Showdown between Harmack’s choice of Pinball Fantasies (SNES) VS Pinbot (NES)
– A brand new Ass of the Week!

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