Escape Show Let’s Play! – P.T.

October 24, 2016 Al 0

Survival Horror Month continues as Sahm finally gets to play through the (now two year old) P.T. demo! Dub 2 and Frosty both return to the studio to “relive” the nightmare. Will Sahm make it through start to finish?

Episode 396 – The Broken Sahm Pucci

August 6, 2016 Al 0

We discuss the events that occured on the show last week, with Sahm leaving the show abruptly and in a rage after Al, Mike, and Harmack refused to take Sahm’s “depression” seriously.  Will Sahm be back to normal this week?

Episode 395 – Breaking Down: The Sahm Saga (Part 1)

August 1, 2016 Al 0

We finally return to the show after a two week hiatus.  We discuss and review the following: WWE Battleground Review WWE Draft Review Star Trek Beyond Review We also address the latest Pokemon Go craze thats been “infecting” the nation.