About The Show

The History Of The Escape Show

On the air, every Friday night, 9 PM – 11 PM EST, airing on exclusively on Twitch TV. The show is hosted in round-table fashion by a myriad of regular members. Your weekly hosts are Al, Mike, DJ Harmack, and Sahm from Oliver Bean, along with the shows new producer (and long time fan) Eric. We occasionally also feature reoccuring characters/special guests DJ Skates, Frosty (the Shows former interns) Dub 2, and insane fan, Richardson.  Our studio is located and we broadcast live each week from the sunny shores of Lake Erie (the “Florida Keys” of Canada).

The ESCape Show began on October 24th, 2007 airing exclusively on Uberguilds Radio. Due to the merger with Uberguilds Radio and GamerDNA, Uberguilds Radio was closed, and The ESCape was forced to a choice of finding a new home. This prompted The ESCape along with other “Uber-Refugees” to help create what was known as GPN Radio in June of 2008. GPN Radio began airing live on June 16th, 2008 with its first show being The ESCape Rewind. It was announced on December 17th, 2008 during The ESCape’s 50th show that The ESCape along with other GPN DJ’s/podcast hosts would be re-branding GPN into the station we now air on, GNET Radio.

The show initially started with hosts Al, Mike and Steve, but due to scheduling conflicts Steve stepped down from the show into a part time role on the show. While searching for a replacement host, Willie joined the show on Episode 61 as a special guest surprise for Steve, as he was an old friend of both Al and Steve while growing up. During that time the show also went through a format change, which the show progressed from a “gaming themed comedy show” to a more real life topic comedy show, introducing new segments and bringing new variety and entertainment. The “Retro Review” segment moved on to its own show, The Retro Review Show,while the “Top 50 Games” annual show still remains a yearly tradition. DJ Harmack was also added as a 4th host to the show in 2010, after his other podcast show, Orderly Chaos, ceased airing in early 2010.

Escape Radio Network was closed in October of 2016 due to cost and show budget cuts.  The Escape also underwent a format change, steering back towards the gaming community, but adding wrestling/sports entertainment and keeping some current events in the mix.  The show moved to its new home on Twitch Tv, becoming a weekly video and podcast show.

What Will You Hear On The ESCape Show?

We are a “360” comedy podcast – meaning that we will talk anything from gaming, music, to news and movies. You’ll hear segments such as “The Ass of the Week”, “Dear ESCape”, “Stuff That Makes Us Sick”, and “The Smackdown”.   We also have a couple of special shows that appear annually – such as our Top 50 Games of The Year, and The ESCapee Awards, both shows airing as the final 2 shows in the month of December. The ESCape also started popular station-wide contests, such as “Battle of the WOW Nerd Allstars”, where our WOW fans compete in a 3 round trivia contest for prizes.

Our announcer (and former DJ) Jak appears on various shows with his “Weekly 2 Cents”, where he states whats on his mind, even if he loves to insult our fans and the hosts of this show.

We’ve also featured many bands on the show, including “The Minimum Requirements” (www.tmrmusic.com), This Soul Divided (www.myspace.com/thissouldivided), and Oliver Bean (www.myspace.com/oliverbeanmusic).

Is The ESCape Show For Me?

If you are the type of person who is looking to relax and unwind with some good humor and entertainment, this show is for you. While we strive to do our best and keep the format and topics “PG Rated”, occasionally there is adult oriented discussion and humor, as well as strong language. We are, however, NOT politically correct, and never will be. We tell it like it is, and aren’t afraid to do so. There is no race barrier, religious barrier, or cultural boundaries, and we keep everything in the form of entertainment. If you want to slap or hate us in certain situations, then you’ve been entertained and the show is doing its job. We promise you that you will laugh and we take all of our listeners and their comments VERY serious.

How Can I Interact With The Show?

Our chatroom is the absolute best way to interact with us during the show.  We will read your comments over the air, and answer your questions.  You can also CALL the show at 1-844-HARMILK (427-6455) or Skype us at the.escape.

You can Tweet us @escapeshow, and use the hashtag #escapeshow.  To get updates to your devices when we are on LIVE, subscribe to our Twitch TV channel.  Subscribe to us on YouTube  to get alerts when we post new archived episodes.